The prosperity GOSPEL & its Deadly DECEPTION

Today the world is chasing success and materialism we who call ourselves Christians, called to be in this world, but of this world, are we really any different? We see so many, for claiming and gaining the riches, this world has to offer. Some believe they have unlocked the secret to success after watching, the secret, and now follow the theory of "the law of attraction ".Some follow other new age beliefs and systems, each as though

Picking his own set of beliefs to his / her own liking ,even as professing  Catholics .here God or his will ,as such ,have no place on our life ,or rather should I say we command god, to do as our mind commands him/or some now simply choose to call him, the universe !

To me, the prosperity gospel is one that is dangerous and most deceptive you may ask why, and I can explain .you see when error is called error ,and the one in it is warned and repents we have some hope !but when a person thinking he is indeed following Christ but is actually following deception, it is far more dangerous . A lie called a lie is easy to detect and renounce. A half lie is always more dangerous now I have nothing against prospering and success.

The prosperity GOSPEL & its Deadly DECEPTION
The prosperity GOSPEL & its Deadly DECEPTION

I have nothing against health or well -being. I well -being. I will accept as much success and health, that Jesus offers me, as per my heavenly father 's perfect plan and will for me, yet at the same time, I must also learn the value of suffering, the value of embracing the cross. Jesus said 'all who want to be my disciples, must renounce themselves pick up their cross daily and follow me'.this is the sign of a disciple, the beauty of Christian sacrifice .how precious is the faith or our early saints who became poor for the sake of the gospel.

 As a Christian, one must seek to know God 's will in everything. We must also know, how to pray for god.s will in everything .we. Must also recall the prayer of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, when he prayed, of Mary, where she called herself the handmaid' of Gethsemane, when he prayed, not where she called


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