5 Elements science and logic formed the prescription for

Before science and logic formed the prescription for a culture's identity, humans relied on common sense, intuition, and observation for answers to the question.

Even with today's research, logic, and explanation available to justify our beliefs, we must rely to some extent on trust.in most cases, we recognize truth when it is held up to the light even of no scientific backing yet exists. In the same way, human beings perceive the five elements.fire, earth, metal, water, and wood are so integrated into our knowing that words are needed to explain how we feel about them.

The five elements are the main ingredients in the soup of feng shui, they must be mixed in a particular way, or the results won't be delectable. A loaf of bread would be hard as a tack instead of fluffy and light if yeast were added at the wrong moment. Timing and proportion are essential.
If you think about how you experience each element, you'll realize that its essence strikes a common sense chord.

Fire, for example, is dynamic. Flames leap, consume and charge the atmosphere with warmth. How fire combines positivity or negatively with the other elements and how these relationships apply in your home or office are also matters of common sense.

A stove is obviously a fire element in our homes. A refrigerator cools by manipulation of the element water. placing a stove next to a refrigerator jars us unconsciously much like a fingernail scratching a blackboard because water puts out the fire. It is, therefore, best to separate a stove from a refrigerator or a fire element from a water element.

The fire also produces earth in the form of ashes. Moreover, the earth cannot be consumed or ignited. Therefore, placing a fire element next to an earth element is posiplacing a fire element next to an earth element is posiplcing a fire element next to an earth element is positive. A brick, stone, or tile fireplace surround feels right in part because fire and earth are a positive relationship with each other.
Finally, there are times when we will want to increase or reduce the experiential properties of an element. On a frigid winter's day, we feel warmer when a fire element is augmented through color or line. By upholstering a chair in a thich red flamestitch fabric rather than a lightweight blue gauzy one we are augmenting the fire element

Positive Relationships of the Elements

The basis of a positive relationship lies in one element's ability to assist in the creation of the other 
1. fire to earth: The remains of fire produce earth.
2. Earth to metal: Within the earth are the components that blend to create the metals.
3. Metal to water: This relationship can be compared to a positive parent-child association. Parents provide a strong container in which a child flourishes. Their role is not unlike metal-immutable, strong, and undaunted. However, parents must allow children to evolve into adults and leave the nest.We don't dump a child on a doorstep to face the adult world as if we're pich-ing a bucket of water out a front door. Just as water bleeds to the outside of metal through condesation, growing up comes in small incrememts, drop by drop, until children have evolved into adults 
4. Water to wood:  Water is the staff of life for wood 
5 Wood to fire: Wood provides fuel for a fire.

Negative relationship of the Elements

Reversing the direction produces a negative relationship
1 fire to wood: fire consumes wood.
2 wood to water: wood absorbs water.
3 Water to metal: water can corrode metal.
4 Metal to earth: metal absorbs earth to produce itself
5 Earth to fire: Earth can quench the fire

Neutral or Negative Relationship of the Elements 
Finally, the elements across from each other can be neutral or negative.

Fire to metal or water
1 fire to metal: metal conducts heat quickly and can become hot to the touch.
Metal also conducts cold quickly and can deter a feeling of warmth in cases when the fire element needs to be augmented.
2 fire to water: Water can save a burning home but can also stamp out a life-saving campfire 
Earth to Water or wood
1. Earth to water: just as a river can move massage of land to secure its course, water can erode earth.
2. Earth to wood: Earth supplies nutrients 
To wood to grow but by doing so reported itself slowly but surely unless replenished.

Metal to Wood or Fire

1. metal to wood:  metal is a stronger material than wood and, when pitted against the wood, like a gun against a bow and are, wins. Metal in the form of an ax can be life sustaining when it helps to fell a tree
2. Water to fire or Earth
1. Water to fire: Water can extinguish the fire.
2.Water to earth:  Earth can be mismatched when used in combination with metal. Moisture or dryness does little to change the shape of metal while wood expands and contracts easily. A metal frame can separate from a wood base because the reaction of metal and wood are not in sync.
The five elements can be represented by color, shapes, material, use, direction, and emotion as well as their direct source. when a situation  needs adjusting,
One way to effect change is to add the color, shape, material, or emotion that each element expresses.when you are down in the dumps, add fire to a setting .when you are nervous about a pending examination, add water to a setting. When you need to be courageous, add wood When you need razor-sharp mental ability, add metal Here's how to do it.
Fire can be Expressed by
Color: red, the color of a flame.Emerging, engaging  and compelling.
Shape: Triangle, the shape of a flame.Dynamic and voltaic , as in a love triangle or the Bermuda triangle.

Material: Although fire is hardly an appropriate material for a building or furnishing, a pattern of material can express this element.Tiles laid in a chevron pattern, fabric with a flame stitch 
Design, or napkins folded into a triangle shape all engage the feeling or fire.
Use: to warm internally or externally.While  
An oven warms food, a napkin folded in a triangle starts the digestive juices flowing through its dynamic shape.

Direction: South toward warmth and the sun, is the direction of fire in the Northern Hemisphere.


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