Chief justices of India present and past continue

Chief justices of India --- present and past ---continue to be in the news for the wrong reasons. The latest is an episode where the 41st CJI Rajendra Mal Lodha was duped by an online cheat who hacked into the account of another Supreme Court judge, Bishewar Prasad Singh and requested Justice Lodha to send Rs 1lakh to the account of his surgeon as his cousin was suffering from Acute lymphoblastic leukemia These fraudulent emails which clog our inboxes are ignored by everybody which makes it surprising that a former CJI could fall for such a ruse.

Chief justices of India present and past continue
Chief justices of India present and past continue
Both the 41st CJi R m Lodha and his friends, Justice B p Singh, are scions of judges .justice Lodha 's father was a judge and justice Singh is the grandson of the 6th CJI Bhuwaneshwar Prasad Sinha and his father, Rameshwar Prasad Sinha and his father. Rameshwar Prasad Singh was a judge of the Patna high courts Since judge beget judge like doctors beget doctors. the Collegium of the Supreme Court occasionally elevates those with illustrious judicial pedigrees to the high court and, not infrequently to the Supreme Court. Perhaps this may be one reason why law Ministers Ravi Shankar Prasad has may be one infrequently, to the Supreme Court. perhaps this may be one Reason why law Ministers Ravi Shankar Prasad has said that his ministry '' is not a post office and will set up an all subordinate -Nate judiciary '' Today those aspiring to become magistrates or District judge must sit for a judicial service exam followed by an interview conducted by the chief justice and senior judges of that state high court And in a separate development, justice Ananga  Kumar  Patnaik - who was asked to prove the allegations of framing of CJI Ranjan Gogoi In April this  year by a former woman staffer because of the Nexus between corporate bigwigs .the underworld and Supreme Court employees-- has asked the CBI, the IB and the Delhi Police to furnish more documents to help him ferret out the truth about bench -fixing  and cherry-pitching judges for favourable orders . The good judge needs more time to cull out the truth

A Chandigarh lawyer settled in Delhi, Utsav Bains claimed he was offered Rs1.5 crore to represent the woman staffer and hold a press conference in Delhi and also do Bins ' command over the English language leaves much to be desired So, the victim in the sexual harassment case may now claim to have become victimized after charging of sexual harassment against Justice Gogoi backfired Very sad. The Justice Patnaik submits his report to the allegedly come Out after justice, Patnaik submits his report to the apex court in a sealed cover after months .it is doubtful if the media will have access to this fascinating report.

But to return to the 41st CJi Lodha. the judge fell for the bogus email and sent Rs 1 lakh to the so-called surgeons' account because he could not contact Justice Singh over the phone because he could not contact Justice Singh over the phone because he could not contact Justice Singh over the phone. What is surprising is this former CJI did not verify Whether the emails were genuine or not by sending an emissary to Justice Singh 's office, if the latter was not available over the phone judge' minds are like sieves, allowing primary evidence to percolate into their judgments and discarding what has not been proved. As every their judgments and discarding what has been proved As every lawyer knows email is not admissible as evidence unless accompanied a  certificate under section 65-b of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 which certifies the email did not tamper with Courts do not accept electronic files as evidence unless they are certified as not having been tampered with. This can only be done by the Central Forensic Laboratory at Hyder Abad or other government laboratories which examine the files sent to them using scientific techniques before certifying that the emails or another electronic record can be accepted as evidence. Justice Lodha seems to have forgotten this And so, what we learn in law school and in the courts is applied in daily life but Justice Lodha may have  been an exception despite being a very complete judge of the Bombay high court between 1994 and 2007 before being transformed


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