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The ideas inherent in Feng Shui emerged from the needs of humans to codify information about the world surrounding them. Different schools of feng shui developed and relied on different tools for interpreting the notion that person and place connected in profound ways. There is two traditional schools in Shui. One is the form school, which bases its findings on interpreting the shapes of objects in the physical world, and the other is the compass school, which analyses spaces based on a magnetic needle centered within circles representing up to thirty-six different categories. The pyramid school, which is the focus of this book, is a newer school of Feng shuru, one that acknowledges the universality of Feng Shui's concepts and adds to these by including contemporary findings in the fields of biology, psychology, architecture, and city planning. The Form SchoolMost of our conscious intake in life comes from observing. We use eyes more Than any of our other senses to discern the world around us. The Form school of feng shui uses the visual sense to detect shapes, colors, and textures and then interpret their meaning for the human condition.

The form school looks at certain aspects of the world and finds either positive or negative interpretation in them for those who live viewing these forms.A mountain, for example, can be either menacing or protective, depending on its visual interpretation. According to the form school, a mountain whose linear topography appears dragonlike is positive, because the ancient Chinese believed dragons augured good fortune.

The Compass School 

The compass school of Feng shuk is not in great use today.it selects the best living spaces based on calculation from a magnetic needle that revolves around a disk. The disk differs from a traditional compass in that it has up to thirty -six concentric circles depicting different aspects of information that are dependent on this fixed reading.in the contemporary world a compass reading is more often than not inaccurate because our building is filled with metals that distort the readings. Whether the objects are visible such as appliances, furniture, or picture frames or hidden like our wiring, building studs, or nails, our homes are crammed with metal. As a consequence, we are unlikely To capture a true compass reading

The pyramid School A form school devotee will select a dragon-shaped mountain as an auspicious
The site just because it is dragon shaped. A follower of the pyramid school might choose the same location but would explain the choice this way: A dragon-shaped mountain rolls gently toward a valley rather than having sharp lines that descend vertically. A mountain with a moderate slope will not spin water violently onto a valley floor. It also offers easier access to human beings.A home sited near or on a gently sloping mountain is far easier to live in than a home on its steel counterpart. The pyramid school says it is auspicious to site a home on a mountain shaped in such a way whether you see a dragon In its silhouette or not.

This interpretation of mountains is an example of how the pyramid school moves beyond ancient Feng shuru by interpreting a concept from a contemporary western point of view. We are an aggregate of influences external and internal. The union of elements that constitute individuality comprises the underpinning of biological consideration, genetic configuration, and  specifics of family, community state, country, and religion. Each fosters propensities that must be honored.

Eliminating one part of the human jigsaw puzzle would render the scene incomplete. Feng shui is untenable when not allowed to filter through all the segments by acknowledging that we are living with different cultural, social, and, in some places, climatic condition from the Chinese 

It is in our best interest to discern the nuances of our particular culture and social condition so that we can implement a spirit of change to resonate with our lives, attitudes, and customs. For Example, traditional Chinese Feng Shui considers some numbers lucky and other unlucky. Some of this notion is based on how the word sounds in Chinese.

The Chinese word for the number four sounds like the word death, so four is unlucky in Chinese. But the word for four does not sound like death  in English Therefore, for us to consider number four unlucky, based on its Chinese tone, seems unreasonable Similarly, while ancient Dengan Shui suggests that a master bedroom be situated at the back of a home ,the pyramid school considers the configuration of the family to be of primary importance when positioning any Room, architecture detail, or furniture. There are no generic Best takes into consideration specifics of culture, climate, and social condition.

A family with children may not be best served by having the master bedroom at the back if that means separating it from the children's rooms or placing the children's room closer to the front door. Separation can only foster a feeling of disassociation, and the master bedroom needs to be in a allow the parents to fulfill their role as protectors.

On the other hand, a family without children can sometimes be best served if the bedroom are separated from the heart of the house. Whether as a guest room, an office, or a library, their successful use if often augmented by the separation.Blending the diverse aspects of lifestyle, culture, and social condition is the government theme of the pyramid school. Using a partitioned pyramid to represent the different parts of the whole, the hierarchy of importance starts at the bottom, the foundation of life.Each layer depends on those underneath to sustain its existence



Just as a fertilized egg germinates in amniotic fluid, life was born from a primordial ooze whose properties are similar to water. Even if we have all the necessary ingredients, we cannot make soup unless we have a liquid that can absorb and marge the contents.Water is a vessel that processes the mix of live forces.it is the base from which life emerges .its properties are the elixir that gives birth to the variety of forms of life within our planet.


The earth contains us.It is a shell that holds all the parts. Like our home, it provides us with boundaries that protect us.


Most vegetation does not consume itself or others to thrive. Utilizing the vitality of earth and water, vegetation sustains existence through true nonviolence. Even Weeds do not consume in the same way as we do, they overwhelm rather than killing intentionally.

Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom is more complex. The animal need to feed on other species to survive, eating either plants or other animals. When the dynamic between the supply of resources and use become tipped to overuse, both species decline.

Human beings
Human beings

Human beings 

Atop the identifiable pyramid sits the human species Unique as a species, we have the potential to impact in a way no other earthly feature or creature has. Exhibiting a lack of a sensitive to the plight of our supporters, humans have depleted and destroyed resources necessary for survival.in comparison with Our importance in the scheme of life, we have weighted our place in the system to exceed an appropriate portion.

As a minuscule dispensable part of the whole, we might consider our place on this earth a gift, one to be cherished and nurtured. By guiding our passion and intensity for personal happiness to include benefits for the whole, we will be rewarded in unforeseen ways.We can best thrive by understanding the nuances


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