the way in which life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness are integral to our culture.

Feng shui rests its interpretation upon three philosophical principal. The notion of Tao, yin/Yang, and chi are enmeshed into Chinese culture, not unlike the way in which life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are integral to our culture.

TAo--To Be ConnEcTed
Like the chain of DNA linking characteristics together to form a human being, the Tao is the means to the end Tao can be translated as "the way." Like a canary in a coal mine, diseased vegetation often augurs human disintegration. We are connected to the entire system disintegration. We are connected to the entire system of life, and our lives cannot be separated from the entire system of life, and our lives cannot be separated from the life forces
around us. Even when we cannot see it, each part of life depends on another to create a whole. when one part is crushed, the entire unit comes to a halt. To be uncon nected impairs our lives.

How can Taoism be applied to a home? One way would be to re-create shapes and experience from outside Do you have any plants, paintings of landscapes, or even colors similar to those outside your home? Does your home have a sense of connectedness from floor to floor or room to room? Color,
Style of furniture or types of artwork can be the thread linking each individual part in a home.
In a recent consultation, I observed a disparity between members of a family.
The parents were focused on people who traveled many spiritual paths such as meditating, eating wholesome foods, avoiding mind-altering drugs, and staying physically active. Throughout their home, this was visible in photos of marathon runs and from their exotic travels and in a room they had furnished exclusively as a refuge for meditation.
Their son's room was a glaring exception.
Except for pictures of marijuana plants, the room had little to distinguish it from a motel room. There was nothing that identified his " self " or what he liked other than this solitary weed. how a child's room connects emotionally, visually and philosophically to a parent 's point of view is a part of Tao 's consideration. His room was a red flag that he was separating himself from his parents.

When nature, peopl, and their preferences
Are sequestered in an exclusive area and not shared by the whole, trouble might be brewing. How the thread of each family member's weave Into the big picture is a crucial element in the Tao of a home.
integral to our culture.
 integral to our culture.

City dwellers rarely have a great deal of visual connection with nature. Still, it's possible for those who live with a human-made landscape to thrive. Do you like what you see? Is the altered environment satisfying? Do you feel nutrured by the view? Does your view include a thriving street filled with prosperous shops and restaurants or are you cloistered from street life by viewing an air shaft between two buildings?
To be in the Tao is to be connected. whether your home is rural, suburban, or urban, to feel deeply at peace you should feel positively enmeshed with your surroundings

Yin/Yang -To Find the Balance 
Yin and Yang represent opposites, like high/low, big /little, hot/cold. Unlike our Western adversarial notion of opposites, however, they are complementary.
Consider a yo-yo. This toy functions by utilizing two extremes in a harmonious relationship with each other. Without each extreme, a yo-yo could not needs the "up" as much as the "down" yin and Yang always need each other to balance a game, room, or life.
Yin.                                              Yang

Dark colors.                           Light color
Muted colors.                         bright colors
Curved lines(furniture).       Straight lines
Dim lighting                              bright lighting
Moist                                              dry
Low.                                             High
Quiet.                                           Loud 
Soft cushions.                          Busy
Stair treads.                              Wood benc
Empty walls                              stair risers
Decreases.                              Filled bookshelves
Hides.                                        Grows
Earthy.                                       Obvious
Cool                                           warm
Still                                             active
Odors.                                       Fragrance

Ayin personality is reflective, introspective, quiet and down to earth, while a Yang person is outgoing and talkative, loves sports, and jumps out of bed before the alarm clock stops ringing. However, even a quiet person needs to be social, just as a social butterfly needs some quiet time. A person without a balance often ends up breaking down mentally or physically.
The previous page shows a list of Yin and Yang characteristics as defined by the ancients, with an example of how they could apply to a home or office.
Remembering what is yin matters less than paying attention to where each condition falls on a continuum. Extremes
Can be tolarated for only a short period of 
time. Being in solitary confinement or in the middle of a mass rally are both intolerable as frequent life experinces. So when you are examining your home, see if any area is weighted in one direction.if it is, determine if the energy being evoked by the imbalance feels appropriate for you. To motivate you to do, create and translate thoughts into action, your office might need more vang than yin. On the
To add yin
1 Use less light 
2 Use settings with low backs or furtiture that is less than half room's height
3 use muted or dark colrs
4 add fountain with aerating waters
5 use furniture or fabric patterns with curved lines 
6 use fabric that feels soft, silky, or velvety
7 add peacefulness 
8 turn off ceiling fans or ducts that blow air
9 Be alone

Another hand, a bedroom is a perfect example of a room that can be weighted
toward a feeling of yin. There we need to feel cozy, nurtured and enveloped instability and stillness.
If you find the imbalance inappropriate in a particular room, add whichever element is lacking.
Here's one example of how to adjust condition in a room to feel more comfortable and be attuned to your needs: if a bedroom is filled with too much yang, Chang the lightbulbs to a lesser wattage, toss a muted shawl over a computer, or block a window by placing a plant in front.
On the other hand, if you feel unmotivated,
listless, and tired, consider adding Yang to your office, kitchen, or hobby those cases adding light, bright colors, and music or hanging the tools of your trade on the walls nearby could provide the inspiration you need.

To add Yang
1 Make lights brighter 
2 Use tall furniture like high-backed chairs
3 add bright colors
4 Use a dehumidifier to dry the atmosphere.
5 Use solid fabrics or fabric with vertical stripes
6 add action through movement and sound like ticking clocks or tabletop toys.
7 Turn on fans or open a window to allow in a breeze.

CHi- ViTality
I laughed when I looked up the word vitality in the dictionary and found the definition "the peculiarity of distinguishing the living from the nonliving." Chi is vitality.all spaces are containers for life and need chi, but the Amount needed depends on a room 's function. Without chi there is nothing. With too much chi there is chaos Chi should move through a home effortlessly, freely, and with should never get stuck or trapped.if  a path leading to a room's main function or other areas of a home is blocked, then your task is to remove the obstacle. if you have to squeeze by furniture to get into or out of a seating grouping, then your task is to liberate the chi by moving some furniture out of the way.
More often than not we are attracted to chi qualities in people, places, and things. not long ago, hoping to pique a female friend's interest in meeting a male friend, I found myself using only a chi description. I told her he was funny and bright, played tennis, and flew a plane.

She seemed interested. I probably could not have interested ber in him had I told  her his favorite color was green, he wore T-shirts with collars, or
he read the Miami

Chi does not move in mysterious ways. It pulls us in certain directions and commands attention. To identify chi, just look at where you are complete to move and what you see first in any space. Like blood flowing through a body, chi is the path through living spaces. Give chi adequate space to sweep you into the main areas in a home, and you will be rewarded by feeling entering a home can stop chi, while a staircase directly opposite a front door can sweep you away from the main living space.

You can evaluation the flow of chi for a whole home or for a corner of a room. The pathways through the entire house, the focus of a room, or how individual artifacts are arranged on a table can determine the chi of that specific area.
Consider how an empty cocktail table in front of a sofa can change when a few objects are placed there.It shifts from being overlooked to being engaging.

From an entire household to a pattern on a plate chi is one attributed that can alter any essence. where chi leads, you will follow.
Following is a list of conditions that can either carry forward the flow of chi in a home.


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