it would be a nostalgia milking joy day by day.

The parish came alive that morning as usual but the ambiance was unusually festive. Amidst the Holy Mass, the star of the day, a cute baby was taken forward for baptism. The baby wrapped in woolen flannel was fast asleep close to the bosom of its mother. As soon as the baptismal water fell on the head, he woke up and started screaming.  

it would be a nostalgia milking joy day by day.
Lack of language was no bar for the young chap in bringing forth the agony brewing up in his mind! He continued to sob all through the ceremony. some onlookers seemed sympathetic: some seemed perturbed and yet others stood coolly with silent praise of God. All that I saw carried my memories to a day in the past--a baptism twenty years back. Candidates were four. One 'baby' was 45 years old: that was me. The others, my wife and two sons. The church was unusually crowded and festive.No sooner had the ceremonies started than I started sobbing. I could not control myself. I never felt ashamed either. The sobbing went on almost throughout the ceremony. Sometimes the cause of sobbing could be far beyond the level of body and mind; it could be an expression of the spirit too deep for words.

It was when I came out of the woolen flannel of transient comforts of sin and underwent basic conversion that I could not control my tears; the moment when I died to sin and rose to life as a new creation ; the moment when something was pulled down in my interior and yet something new was built up instead. That coincided with a welling over of joy due to the experience of beauty, glory, and wonder of something undefinable. All that soon boiled over and flowed down like tears. To those undergoing such an experience, it would be a nostalgia milking joy day by day.

To ascertain the degree of cooking of porridge In a pot on the stove, one needs to take out and squash only a single grain from it. Likewise, as a representative of all those who undergo adult baptism around the world,, I stand here experiencing their ecstasy. And in my mind's eye, I find such conversions keep growing much fold due to Charismatic renewal services. I praise you Holy Spirit, for making this a reality!


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