Rebels himself Kingdom and this changing the existing situation

Jesus charism

He lives with us as any human being with much love and compassion, wanting to feed the thousands of people who come to listen to him ,we read again in John you did not choose me, but I chose you are my friends in all these we see a loving and compassionate God  who is fully concerned with the people .god in Jesus undergoes all human privation, suffering, even death.

Jesus' teaching is a critic of sacred transitions. He does not take for granted the absolute precepts of past before his coming .the Sermon on the Mount is a summary of his Good news. Among  other Things, he throws lights on marital fidelity Divorce, oaths, retaliation,

Forgiveness, love of enemies prayer, almsgiving, fasting, judging others, etc .he ushers a new vision of reality: you have heard, but I say to you ''etc. He touches every fiber of one's personal, and community 's conduct. he manifests his Freedom toward sacred tradition And never could he be a slave of their customs and dogmas.

He is considered a blasphemer who dares to heal on a Sabbath who regards human beings of more value than anything on earth. Jesus unmasks the religious hypocrisy to justify injustice .he acts in radical ways and against the established imperial authorities .he makes inflammatory comments about social injustice .he would never spare the opponents .this gives him supporters as well as opponents. Jesus preaches a God opposed to the one they make and preached. Jesus teaching is always in the open, never in private .he says in 18:20 I have said nothing in secured...

Access to god does not come primarily

From cultic worship, religious observance, and prayer.though they are authentic mediation, but in themselves, they are authentic mediation, but in themselves, they are authentic mediation, but in themselves they are ambiguous.

Unambleged (clear)and provides access to god comes through service to the poor, for in them god lies hidden and anonymous .more than serving he lives poverty.

Liberative praxis (practice )constitutes the surest road to the god Jesus Christ .the liberating nature of Jesus 'activity shows up clearly in his social relations .the society of his day was highly stratified .there were neighbors and neighbors, pure and impure Jews and Gentiles, men and women
, Observations of the Torah and ignorant people.

The ignorant and sick are considered sinners and they are outcasts .jejus establishes fellowship with such People !hence he is accused of being a glutton, a drinker, and a friend of those outside the law ...
''look at a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners '' (mt 11:19).

Rebels himself Kingdom and this changing the existing situation

Though Jesus is for all ,but in the concrete situations he is for the poor in so far as he is one of them and shoulders their cause to bring out a change from the traditional practice is extremely hard, and nearly impossible .jejus has to constantly confront the theologians of the day ,the Pharisees the Sadducees, the zealots, and others, all rooted in the Jewish tradition .jejus faces the liberative struggles in a violent society As no dialogue is possible, Jesus leaves them to their own hardened hearts .he keeps away from them with a severe warning
But it serves no purpose, except winning more opponents