Rearranging furniture in a room is the quickest and often the most effective way of implementing change.

The Cures

Take the test in each chapter to identify the areas that need adjusting so you can elevate your home's Feng Shui quotient. Each way to correct I'll situation. Don't despair if you uncover many areas to remedy. Just as there are no hopeless Situations, there are no perfect ones. The worst can become better, and the acceptable can be improved. But don't read the information in part 2 the way a first-, year medical student reads the merch medical manual. You can't possibly have every illness!

The process of evolving is ongoing. As life shifts, so should the spaces in which 
You live to be adjusted to harmonize with current needs. Today's cure may not be as effective tomorrow, and what once was a perfect space can become inadequate over time. The Cures suggested here are merely springboard. Know that you are inventive and experimental. If one way does not seem to work, kick it aside and try another. How 

Long you should wait for a cure to be effective is about as long as you would wait for a seed to sprout up from the earth. A cure grows like a plant, and if success doesn't rear its head and thrive, sow another seed.

My mother and I are as different as two languages when it comes to recuperating From an illness. I'm the kind that jumps out of bed hours after surgery and traipses around the hospital, dragging my 
IV behind me. My mom is the kind to eavesdrop on the medical student making their rounds, listening to they discuss her potentially fatal condition. Armed with this information, she lies in wait to confer With her doctor about remedies for her condition. Her way of getting better is to Focus intensely on her illness: my way is to treat it as if it had never happened. The bottom line is that we both eventually get well. The moral of this story is: wherever
Works for you is best.

A word about the Tested

The tests are guides to help pinpoint the areas in your home that need improvement. All points are negative. If you score points, go to the section in the chapter that describes how to correct the problem you've identified Again don't be discouraged by a high negative score. Life is often best for those who had to work hard to get what they want. When things come easily, we often don't prevail on ourselves to seize the opportunity. Those who dare to evaluate and confront change with energy and intention can, in the end, succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Rearranging furniture in a room is the quickest and often the most effective way of implementing change.

A word about the cures 

There are ten categories of remedies. The exact object used is not as important as the category it fulfills. For example, the light-reflecting object can be as commonplace as a mirror or as exotic as chrome trim. Use the list of remedies as a guideline to select the item that will mesh best with your aesthetics.

Categories of remedies 

1. Repositioning of furniture

Rearranging furniture in a room is the quickest and often the most effective way of implementing change. First impressions are hard to forget, and what Is first seen in a room often sets the tone
And feeling for the experience. If a desk is the first object you see when entering An office, you probably waste no time sitting down to work. If the desk is in a corner or out of first sight, you may find yourself drawing before beginning to labor.

By simply moving the object around in your home, you will make immense changes in how your living spaces are experienced. For example, to augment your resolve to diet, place an object, like a table, in the middle of a direct path to your refrigerator. To retrieve snacks, you will have to circumvent both the table and your resolve. Those extra moments may give your willpower time to override an action that could interfere with reaching your goal.

2. Light

The object included within a pool of light is similar to those illuminated by a spotlight on a stage: light forces attention
On them.

Even personal power can be affected by lighting. For example, parents who are losing control over teenage children can increase their effectiveness through subtle lighting shifts over the parents 'seats in an overhead fixture. If the fixture has four bulbs, use sixty watts over the teenagers' seat and a hundred watts over the parents, with only wall illumination shift seating so that the parents will be near the wall light.

3. Color

The color used alone or in patterns can alter the mood of persons entering a space. A Feeling of exuberance can be quieted by a room decorated with subdued colors, While a depressed person can rebound in a bubblegum pink of sunflower yellow room. The amounts of color ---their hues, tones, and shades ---can influence one's emotional response to a place.

4. Plants 

The color, shape, and texture of plants can reinforce aspects of the other cures as well as the five elements. For example, a small-leafed plant placed by an open window or near a heating or cooling vent can serve as a movement cure by virtue of its ability to quiver in gusts of air, while a pointed leaf can be used as a symbol of the fire elements.

5. Movement

Any object that initiates action is classified as a movement. Potential to move can be as potent as actual motion. Therefore, a passageway filled with people, an open window, heating and cooling vents,

6 Reflective surfaces

Any item that can duplicate an image in another location ---mirrors polished metals, glass tv, and computer screen

7.Heavy objects

Sculpture, pedestals tables, chairs, sofas, area rugs, desks, benches, cabinets are among the object that fits into this category.

8. Sound

Sound can be created artificially, as in the Case of music played with instruments. TV, cars, and tools or by-products of natural phenomena, like the utterances of living creatures or the earth erupting and shifting. Sound is produced by the movement of vegetation, water, rain, wind, or critters scurrying around doing the business of living.


Water is central to our existence. Our first Home, the uterus, floats us in a water link atmosphere. Without water, our corporeal being would perish 


Cleaning up areas in your home can be a first step toward cleaning up parts of your life. If you do nothing else, look around and tidy the messiest or least organized area of your home. By throwing out what is not used and organizing what is you will make a quantum leap toward future success. In all cases, cleaning, tidying, and organizing will benefit your life. After completing that task, I guarantee, you will notice positive changes in your life.


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