The outdoors lures us like bees to a flower.

The outdoors lures us like bees to a flower. When we feel connected to the world, we feel content. Vegetation, rocks, and water are likely to a natural part of a scene viewed from a suburban or rural window, but urban setting requires special attention. This chapter will help the town and city dwellers interpret Feng Shui's outdoor considerations.

We are influenced by what we see, whether mountains suburban lawn, or cityscape. The need to be connected to vibrant, pulsating natural aspects of life is just as important to those who suburbanite or rural dwellers. Looking out at revered landmark building, for example, is a positive outdoor feature for a city dweller in the same way as a hardy ancient oak tree is to those in the country. Living with a view of healthy structures can be a substitute for trees, rocks, or water.

The city offers many possibilities. The shape of the buildings can be compared to vegetation. Traffic signals, signs, and people introduce color to a landscape in the same way a grouping of red roses does on a suburban lawn. Glass windows 
It can substitute for water.

Squint your eyes and look at the images from each window. Are they friendly? Do they dominate a view? The shape and distances of other buildings can be viewed as you might tree in a forest. If they are too close, they might feel oppressive, while the same building in the Distance would be just fine.

I used to live on the fourth floor of a New York City apartment complex. From my bedroom window, I would gaze out at a line of bathrooms in the adjacent building.

Over time I did view the city life as a drain on my life and sought the wide horizons of rural life. Perhaps had my view soared
Over fanciful rooftops, I would have seen endless possibilities in city life.


Score 1 for any room without a positive view.
Score 2 if there is dying vegetation on your property
Score 1 if vegetation topography or neighboring do not form a barrier in the direction of the harshest weather.
Score 2 if tall trees, bushes, or buildings have been razed and no replacement have been planted or the replacement is less valuable, rare, or exotic than what was there before
Score 2 if you can view a polluted water source or dirty windows 
Score1 if you can see a rapidly flowing water source or one that is frequently stagnant or if you can see cracked or painted-over windows 
Score 1 if the landscape has no natural adornment.
Score1 if your home is within range of an unkempt lot or tract of land 
If you have a home without a view of nature
In most cultures, isolation is the severest 
Form of punishment. We remove criminals not only from our streets but also from our woodlands, oceans, trees, and lawns. To be sequestered from both nature and the ones of our loved ones can be devastating. Why then do we willingly accept living or working in rooms that have no visible connections to the outdoors? Surely we are penalizing ourselves and creating difficult living and working conditions.

I was once called on to cure a massage therapist's windowless room. As the new person in the office, she had been assigned the worst room. She felt claustrophobic and worried about thriving without a window. By installing a grow light over a potted vine, we simulated the outside. We draped greenery across the walls by training potted vines over decorative wall hooks. We hung prints of landscapes and used a wicker desk and chair to give the room a sense of the outdoors. These challenges combined a cocoon-like atmosphere with a feeling of connection to the outside. About a year later, when another therapist vacated a room with a window, my clients declined the opportunity to move. Her room felt precisely right, and she had no desire to change
If your property has unhealthy or dying vegetation 
The quality of care we give to other life forms often reflects how we care for ourselves. Neglect breeds. We must accept responsibility for allowing conditions that harm to exist. Ask yourself what you have done to prevent or stop water pollution, acid rain, car exhaust fumes, and depleted soils, all of which can harm vegetation. Have you voted responsible or worked in organizations devoted to correcting negative condition?
Just as there is no substitute for cleanliness but elbow grease, there is only one cure for neglect. When vegetation is ill, you need to discover the cause and remedy it. If direct intervention 
Cannot rectify the problem, try to retard the decline. Consider yourself a guardian
For all life forms, for what causes the demise of one will ultimately doom another.

Replace, replace, replace. If a tree dies on your property, plant at least one other. Even better, return more to the earth that has been taken away: plant two or more.

If you live with year-round growing conditions, be sure to replant as the season changes. Here in Florida, I replace impatiens, which thrive in our wintertime, With gerbera daisies, which survive summer's heat.

If immediate change seems unlikely because you do not own the site, honor life by caring for plants inside your own space.
If you have no vegetation or barriers in the direction of the harshest weather ...

The Chinese believe that a home should face southeast and be backed by a hill or vegetation to the north. This makes perfect sense in China. The severest weather comes from the north, so a home protected this way would be warmer in the winter and drier in spring and summer. Furthermore, the inhabitants would have less wood to chop and more time for family, friends, and relaxation. However, not every location has inclement weather coming from the north. In my home state of Florida, we need to protect ourselves from The scorching western sun, which some people accomplish by planting a stand of vegetation to the west. Find the direction of the harshest weather and protect your home from its consequences.
Plant vegetation in the ground or place potted blooms on a balcony, porch, or deck. If outdoors vegetation is not an option, place indoor plants sculptures, curtain, or any object that will buffer the impact of the severest weather in front of  Windows facing that direction.
To listen to a cold feeling, position seating away from walls facing the direction of the prevailing winds. Use colors and patterns associated with fire on the curtains, walls, or accessories in these rooms. A flamestitch red any yellow wool Afghan is one example of an appropriate are accessory on a sofa near a cold wall

If your neighborhood has lost a healthy ancient tree or buildings ...
Achieving parity between history and the future is the yin and Yang that produces optimum conditions here and now. We cannot dispose of or disregard what has evolved in the natural world any 
More than we can dispose of or disregard our own genetic structure. When we honor, elevate, and sustain that which has been, we duplicate those characteristics in our present lives. Cutting down an ancient tree without replacing it symbolizes a disregard for the threads of our past that connect with the realities of the moment.

If disease. A natural disaster or the clearing of land for a building causes an ancient tree to be felled, replace it with two or more smaller trees of equal or increased beauty, rarity, or value. If a venerable old building is felled by the boom of a steel ball, find a piece of it and use it as an ad art object in your home. If you can, photograph the building before it is razed and frame and hang the photo in your home, or donate this piece of the past to the local historical society.

If you have a view of stagnant or 

Polluted water or dirty windows...

With water so fundamental to our survival, it should not be surprising that the quality of water near our homes can have repercussions on our lives. A stagnant water source can spawn disease by being a breeding ground for bacteria or insects. Pollution from chemicals used on the soils can contaminate drinking water.
Who can think clearly when confronted by a pile of debris? Viewing polluted water is  Similar to viewing a mountain of trash. So be sure to shield vital activity on gathering areas from the sight of polluted

Or stagnant water. Aerating the water in a stagnant pond and pollutants are among the solution to consider. If the water is not yours to transform, install a fish tank or a small recirculating fountain indoors to shifts attention away from the view. In any case, be part of a group whose effort is directed at eradicating the source of pollution.
If the windows you face dirty, offer a gift of either elbow grease or money to change the condition.
If you live near or have a view 
Of rapidly flowing water...
To some degree, we mimic the messages 
Around us. Living in view of Niagara Falls could exacerbate frenetic activity. The Chinese believe that rapidly flowing water 
It is a simile for dwindling finances. 
If you can see waters moving too quickly
Outside your window, hang a wall chime near a passageway or a heating duct, or place the fountain or fish tank already mentioned near the window. Any gently moving or sounding object will help.
Contrasting elements render each other more tolerable. Just as we soothe a fussy 
Baby with soft vocal endearments, installing a gently bubbling fountain or fish tank can mitigate the effect of viewing swiftly moving waters outside. The antidote to heat's oppressiveness is cool water. In Palm Spring, for example, tiny pierced conduits emitting light streams of water are draped over palm trees like limp ropes of Christmas lights.

If you are surrounded by a flat, unadorned

A landscape lacking variety or sufficient
Revelation hints at unsuitable living conditions signal a lack of abundance and leave us adrift in a visual void.
I had a friend who didn't leave her house for a year. Succumbing to devastating emotional trauma, she Calls coaxing her to meet for lunch and pleas from her husband to accompany him on an evening walk fell on deaf ears. In a last-ditch effort to help, I decided to try a Feng shui cure. We put a small recirculating fountain in the har bedroom as an emotional oasis in her mental desert. 


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