The violence that has been simmer ever since then took

Bets are being laid in Bengal on how long Mamata Banerjee's Trinamul Congress government will last. The speculation is not on the outcome of the 2021 assembly election but on New Delhi ' intention. The present crisis over hospital closures shows how easily the Bharatiya Janata Party can give any controversy a communal color. The BJP 's national ascendancy rests largely on what Jawaharlal Nehru dreaded as the ultimate in communalism 

The violence that has been simmer ever since then took
The violence that has been simmer ever since then took

2  the minority complex of the majority .it has pandered to the feeling that despite comprising more than 80 percent of the population, Hindus have suffered a raw deal under a succession of secular government at the Centre. As a result, the recent Lok Sabha elections, when the BJP emerged as the winner in West Bengal resulted in a Sharp polarisation of Hindu Muslim sentiment.

The violence that has been simmer ever since then took a turn for the worse on June 10 when Mohammed Sayers, a 75-year -old man from Tangra, one of Kolkata 's not very salubrious suburbs, died of cardiac arrest at the Nilratan Sircar medial College and Hospital where he had been taken after a fall on the mosque steps . As his name proclaims, the dead man was a Muslim , His family felt he had not been properly treated at the NRS hospital Sayeed's son-in-law, Mohammad Mansur, Alam who was present at the hospital when Sayeed's conditions worsened ,is quoted in the local newspaper as saying ''We were running around looking for a doctor who could help us We saw so many doctors in a room; they were chatting and joking doctors in a room: they were chatting and joking among themselves .

Alam continues, "Many of them were smoking But none came forward to help us. They said my father-in-law was not their patients."According to Alam Sayeed's stopped breathing after a doctor gave him an injection ."There was No movement. We knew he was gone," he said 
The dead man 's angry relatives were soon joined by a mob of neighbors and Tangra residents who allegedly attacked junior doctors at the hospital, reportedly Injuring two of them. The doctors and interns called a "cease -work " agitation in protest, and the demonstration snowballed to envelop all 13 medical college hospitals in the city and to at least six district hospitals. Many of them pulled down their shutters. Outpatient department was closed in some places ;
Emergency services suspended in others.As Bengal public hospitals are in poor shape They are congested unclean understaffed and often lacking in basic facilities. Pariitary establishments. Yet they serve a crucial purpose. The poorer public is left high and dry when even these unsatisfactory establishments cease operating.

The BJP Mukul Roy lost no time in wading into the controversy and blaming members of a "particular community "For the violence .it is to Bengal 's credit  that even some of the protesting doctors objected to Mr. Roy 's attempt to give a " "communal twist "to what they called "an  act of hooliganism. " They know that he was in both the Coning the BJP; they also know that though he was Mamata Banerjee's favorite at one time, they fell out  and she had him suspended from the 

Party for six years for anti-party activities before he switched to the  BjP.

"We will not let parties play politics and gain mileage out of these issues", one young and gain mileage out of these issues "one young doctor declared "The assailants are hooligans and they belong to no religion or community. How can anyone  communalism such an incident?"

If the mercurial Mr Roy Didn't  actually blame Muslims by name ,Dilip Ghosh ,who represents Medinipur in the Lok Sabha and is current president of the BJP's West  Bengal until,saw no reason for being squeamish ."wherever Muslims  are dominant trouble and unrest brews", The one time Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh prcharak had delight of hard-line Hindutva addicts  who see Ms. Benerjee with her hijab and namaj  and her special gifts for mullahs as a dangerous appeaser of Muslims.

Mr. Ghosh actually named Mr. Roy 's"particular community " and claimed Muslims were under police protection. Asked why his party was singling it out a community, the BJP chief said: "it's an observation that appealed to many Bengalis who accuse the chief Minister of pandering to Muslims who comprise 28 percent of Bengal 's population. They lapped up Mr. Ghosh 's promise that the BJP would introduce in Bengal a national register of citizens, on the lines of Rajiv Gandhi's innovation in Assam. Ms. Banerjee has always been charged with allowing Muslim Bangladeshis to settle down illegally in Bengal to add to her vote bank, an allegation that was also leveled at Jyoti Basu and the Left Front. Lately, she has also been accused of succoring illegal Rohingya Muslim immigrants from 


Having won 18 out of Bengal's 42 Lok Sabha seats -against only two in the previous parliament -the BjP is naturally cockahoop .it may feel it has a sympathetic patron in West Bengal's octogenarian governor, Kashari Nath Tripathi, a dyed-in-the-wool BJP politician from Uttar Pradesh  Apparently    Uttar Pradesh apparently with ready access to Narendra Modi and Amit Shah . But it seems unlikely that despite the clamor by Mr. Ghosh, Mr. Roy and their likes, President 's Rule will be declared in contention circumstances.Mr. Tripathi is try ing to soothe the present unrest with a conference of Trinamul, BJP, Congress and Marxist representatives. Given her present mood, however, a frustrated Ms. Banarjee, disappointed in her hopes of heading an opposition coalition to be prime minister might play into the hands of her opponents Not really ,a consummate tactician, she could have seized on the hospital controversy to assert her political primacy, especially  since the health portfolio is in her hands . Demanding her direct intervention. , the protesting doctors sought "permanent security arrangement " in the hospitals They would have liked her to visit the two injured junior doctors and express sympathy for them she could -have done so without alienating  Mo posed to have attacked the two young doctors.

Instead, she left matters to her nephew Abhishek Banerjee, whom many see as being groomed to succeed her, to chandrama Bhattacharya, the Minister of State for Heath, and to the health secretary, Rajiva Sinha. None of this could break the deadlock Meanwhile, the violence hasn't stopped. Two  BJP workers and one from Trinamul  They were murdered in a small town near Bengal's border with Bangladesh only a few days before the hospital's storm broke. Further clashes can  be expected as its appetite whetted by its phenomenal Lok Sabha win the BJP 's state unit continues to fan the flames of communal passion


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