Changing the form of our earth

We can't respond appropriately to someone without knowing them. In the same way, to understand the places in which we live we need to know some details About the shape, location, and composition of our place in this sphere.

Changing the form of our earth can affect The natural intention of place. When we fill in swamps, raze hills, or block sunlight With tall buildings, we are creating an unnatural condition that either will be undermined by nature, the way storms tear down sea walls, or will wear down those who have to maintain them.

Changing the form of our earth

Being cognizant of where the sun rises and sets and the time frames for each room's use might uncover reasons for linking positioned with windows on the east side of a home will feel very different From one with windows facing north.

Doctors of the vital force, the Chinese description for Feng shui practitioners, often tasted the soil at a building's site.

Knowledge of the soil's alkaline or acid content, mineral deposits, and texture contributed to choices of building materials and construction style. For example, post and beam construction might need certain modifications to prevent shifting in sinking in grainy or loosely packed soil Before you start evaluating the inside of your living space, see if there are influences in the world surrounding you that you have not considered before.


Score1 if your home's entrance faces north

Score2 if a room used for in the afternoon faces west.

Score1 if sunshine is blocked from the breakfast area or a main 
gathering room

Score2 if your home is on the incline of a steep street.

Score2 if there are harmful deposits underneath your land 

Score2 if the soil surrounding your home 

Will not easily support plant life

Score1 if any rock ledge is exposed in your foundation 

If you have a front door facing north

Sunlight is a stimulant. Sunlight produces A chemical reaction that induces optimism, hope, and cheer. A sun-filled exit helps get your day off to a good start.

If you have a choice, leave your home each morning through a door facing east or south, even if it is not the main door of the home. If you don't, infuse the area with cheer by planting flowers with red blooms, painting a birdhouse yellow, or placing in your visual path some object that makes you smile.

I lived in the part of northern New Jersey that has the same weather patterns as Buffalo. New York (it's called the snow belt for a good reason ). In winter my son  Would plant a mannequin arm outside our front door. It was his fun way of keeping track of the Snow's depth. Even when the weather was frigid and dreary for days on end, each time I left my house I would smile at the sight of the mannequin's arm. Find a unique way to put some sunshine in your day as you leave home 

If you have a study facing the afternoon Sun.

The sinking afternoon sun puts a strain on our psyche when most of us have already been up for about half our waking day. Sitting by a window during that time is an encumbrance to optimum performance if you're engaged in exacting work.

If there is no alternative to moving your activity from a western window, place a filtering screen between you and the glare. A plant, a screen, a framed stain-glass piece, or any perforated item can be an effective shield between the sun's glare and your eyes.

If you have a breakfast area or main without sunlight ...

Sunlight is the earth 's enlarging force and facilities internal or external activity. It controls disposition and dissipates disease. We need light to encourage optimal performance in many areas and to maintain overall health. Sunlight is desirable in rooms where we spend we spend most of the time, particularly the early mornings. Stying outdoors for most of the daylight hours was how native Aradhana thwarted  
Depression during the short days of winter. Only when they assimilated the ways of the lower states and started remaining indoors to work was there an increase in despair and depression.
When going outside is impossible, increase the intensity of electric, adorn surfaces with fruits or vegetables, and infuse the decor with the brightly colored object. Add movement by placing wind-sensitive object by doors and air vents and increase background sounds 
With music or sounds from clocks, fans or chimes. Infusing a space with energy is a way to simulate the outdoors.

If your home is positioned midway on a steep incline...

In the same way, a ball will not stop rolling  Until it reaches the bottom of a hill, chi or Energy will pass by a home situated midway down an incline. Moreover, leaving a home situated in the middle of a steep slope Increases the visual presence of a home midway up a hill. Eyes should be riveted on the home, not the hill, by form, color, or light. Additional lights on the entrance's pathway will benefit a nighttime approach. Bold colored vegetation, a patterned walkway that widens as it reaches the street, or a door painted a color that contrasts with the rest of a home will pull in the chi.

Just as time on a treadmill will fly by if we 

Are engrossed in conversation. It is easier to surmount difficulties when otherwise pleasantly engaged. Sighting Pleasant details can mitigate a trudge up the step to reach an entrance door.

If your house is built near harmful mineral depo