30 days before the heart attack symptoms

These symptoms are seen 30 days before the heart attack, identify them in time.Former External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj suffered a cardiac arrest after which she was brought to AIIMS, but she could not be saved.  In such a situation, it is important to know what is a cardiac arrest?  Many times people consider cardiac arrest to be a heart attack, but it is not so.  Cardiac arrest occurs suddenly and there is no warning from the body before it happens.  Whereas 1 month before heart attack starts appearing in your body.

 heart attack symptoms
 heart attack symptoms

On the other hand, if we talk about a heart attack, then about o
ne-third of the patients who die in the world do not know that they are heart patients.  Such people die before reaching the hospital.  Actually, the patient does not recognize the first heart attack.  A heart attack, whose symptoms are unclear or not known, is called a silent heart attack.  By the way, the heart is such a part of our body that delivers blood and oxygen to the rest.
Blood and oxygen are supplied to the rest of the body through the heart itself, but when this pump does not work properly, there is a problem in transporting blood and oxygen to the rest of the body and due to this the flow of blood  Stops and the fear of heart attack increases.  According to research, it has also been learned that Asians are more susceptible to heart attack than others and the reason behind this has not been known.
Today we are going to tell those symptoms which start appearing in your body just 1 month before the heart attack.

 Nausea, heartburn and abdominal pain ...

 Hand pain

 Phlegm for several days

 Breathing difficulties

 to sweat

 Swelling of feet

 Dizziness or vertigo

Tiredness and Insomnia: If you start feeling tired without any sense, then you need to be careful because in such a situation you are likely to have a heart attack.  By the way, these symptoms are seen in most of the women.  Abnormal fatigue means getting tired in very minor tasks such as bed rest, bathing, etc. This is also one of the symptoms of a heart attack because insomnia increases the risk of a heart attack.  These symptoms are more common in women.

Abdominal pain: Although stomach pain is a common problem, if you always have problems with stomach pain, bloating, stomach upset, etc., do not take it lightly.  These symptoms are common in women and men.

Shortness of breath: Yes, if you feel that you are short of breath or if you feel that you are not getting enough air, dizziness, and shortness of breath, then immediately from the doctor.  Contact.

Chest pain: Yes, chest pain sometimes occurs due to many reasons, but you often have this pain, then you understand that you are having a problem like a heart attack. Feeling uneasy in the chest if your artery  If there is a block or heart attack, then you will feel pressure in the chest and feel pain as well as stretch.

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