Women or men… who feels more lonely?

Women or men… who feels more lonely?

 You can explain your loneliness with your relationship.  For example, there is a person who has many friends and they go out every day, while there is another person who has only 2 friends.  In such a situation, we will start treating the person whose 2 friends are alone.  In this way, loneliness can be described as an contradiction between the quality and the quantity of the group.
 According to research conducted by Shelley Bursill at the University of Waterloo, women express loneliness more than men, not because they generally have a greater loneliness tendency than men, but because women have fewer adverse outcomes.  The reason starts to feel like this.  Men and women both adopt different strategies to express emotions following their brain structures, but men generally try to hide feelings of loneliness and negativity more often than women.
 Men usually try to talk to more people and form their own group to overcome this feeling, women, on the other hand, do not believe in forming a group of mostly acquainted people, but rather by having more qualitative relationships.  She thus, takes more time to connect with other people than men.  In cases of broken relationships or marriages, women initially feel lonely, while men start to realize it later.  This is due to the emotional nature of women, while men try to hide their feelings until they are able to overcome it.


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