Inertion: The meaning of life is only when it is expressed in art)

Inertion: The meaning of life is only when it is expressed in art) Every book is a stolen incident from one's own life.  The more you study, the less will the will and ability to live yourself. 

 One who has studied a lot cannot remain happy, because happiness is always out of consciousness, happiness is ignorance.  Dreaming and writing is not possible when there is no desire to do so, but only when (something) is desired to be written, and to dream .. the main thing in the life of the writer is to write ... your  What is hidden and suppressed inside and is openly revealed in the poems is the 'I' of your poem, the 'I' of the dream.  In other words, the ‘I’ of the poem is the dedication of the poet-mind to those powers….  Contemporaryity does not mean the whole of its time, and likewise, the whole of contemporaryity is not just one of its many forms.

 The era of Goethe is also the era of Napoleon and that of Beethoven.  The totality of the superior is contemporaneity.  For me, every poet, living or dead, is an active character of my life.  I do not make any difference between life and the book, the sunset and its picture.  Everything I like is wholehearted.  I don't like the way life is.  For me, that meaning begins only when it is transformed and expressed in art.  If someone takes me to the beach or to heaven and refuses to write, I will reject both the sea and heaven.

 Poems are the celebration of my life.  I do not believe in God and life after death.  This is the reason for despair, old age and fear of death.  I am absolutely unable to do puja.  Love to the extent of insanity towards life and is keen to live together.  wish.