It is said that Kali Yuga pleaded with King Parikshit to come. Said not to panic,

It is said that Kali Yuga pleaded with King Parikshit to come.  Said not to panic, Maharaj, we will not harass anyone, just settle in 'Swarna'.  There will be two or four companions, companions - raga, malice, jealousy, lust and lust etc.  Stating his qualities, Kali Yuga said- Listen, our glory!  The salvation of the Lord who will take the 'only' name of the Lord is certain.  Moreover, we will not punish the sin thought of by the mind, but will surely give the fruits of the virtue thought by the mind. 

When King Parikshit allowed Kali Yuga to come, he first sat in the King's gold crown and first of all pushed him to death.  Everyone curses Kali Yuga, all suffers from anger, raga, malice and lust.  Some say that we would have been born in the golden age.  Someone sings the virtues of Treta and Dwapara Yuga.  Seeing the condition of the public mind, Tulsidas explained that there are undoubtedly many disturbances in Kali Yuga, but in those Kali Yuga, the easiest way to avoid them was not found in any other era as easily.  First God had to meditate to get it.  In Treta, God met yoga, in the copper age, there was the path of rituals.  All these paths are accomplished only after extremely difficult and severe penance, but attaining God in Kali Yuga has become much simpler than before.  How brother?  Every faith and sect has sung the virtue of 'Naam'.  This is the path where diverse sects become unified.  That's why Goswami Tulsidas said: Kali Yuga only name Adhara.  Sumiri Sumiri male descendant mercury.  There is no obstruction of any law, country, time, stage in name chanting.  In any way, under any circumstances, under any circumstances, anywhere, any name can be chanted.  Chanting this name has benefited the devotees in every era.  In Sribhad Bhagwat comes the story of Ajamil Brahman, who committed a terrible sin in the Satyuga.  Stayed with the prostitute while being his wife.  The prostitute's son was named Narayan.  At the time of dying, the son called, 'Narayan!  Then Narayana himself came.  Another such legend is that of Gajaha war.  When Gaj found himself drowning till his trunk, he called 'Ra!  'There was not enough power to say' Ram '.  But God understood the sentiment and saved the life of Gaja.  Valmiki chants the name in Treta and vice versa.  Could not say 'Ram', was a dacoit, was a carnivore, so it was easy to say 'dead', if you kept on rote like a parrot, then Shri Ram himself lived in the pudding hut.  'Reverse name japat jagna jaana  Valmiki brother Brahma Samana  In the Dwapar Yuga, Daupadi raised her weeping hands in a crowded assembly.  When everyone left the support, they remembered Krishna.  Shri Krishna appeared in a rip form.  In Kali Yuga, the name is full of devotees of chanting.  Kabir, Meera, Raidas, Tulsidas, Rahim, Rasakhan, Nanak, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Raman Maharishi etc.  Vaidya Dhanvantari of King Parikshit used to say that 'Name chanting' is medicine, by which all diseases are destroyed.  Gandhiji also took advantage of this medicine.  At every stage, in anxiety, in illness, he took shelter of 'Ram Naam'.  But the name chanting does not mean that one is allowed to sin.  The name causes destruction of sins, but only when the person has the heart to atone for past sins and resolve not to do them again.  Avoidance is also necessary along with the medicine of chanting the name.  Keep chanting the name, anger will disappear automatically.  In chanting bad tendencies retreat.  Do not try to forcibly remove them, just chant the name, with love.  Chanting the name is a powerful mantra for recovering from the world of Maya, but for this, there should be a sum of heart.  Only when the voice comes from the heart to call God, it reaches it.