Mahadev resides in every particle in Somnath temple

Mahadev resides in every particle in Somnath temple

 Somnath has its own place in Hinduism.  Somnath Temple has the first position among the 12 Jyotirlingas.  Not only this, it is said that Mahadev does not allow any devotees to return empty at this rate, Somnath has its own place in Hindu religion.  Somnath Temple has the first position among the 12 Jyotirlingas.  Not only this, it is said that Mahadev does not allow any devotees to return empty at this rate.

 As you step into the Prabhas region through Saurashtra of Gujarat, the flag that has been visible from far away has been celebrating Lord Somnath for thousands of years, seeing that one realizes the power of Shiva and his fame.  The shrine of the temple touching the sky speaks of the glory of Devadhidev, where Mahadev in his grand form performs the welfare of the devotees.

 According to a mythological belief, the Jyotirlinga installed in the Somnath Temple is the first Rudra Jyotirlinga established among the two Jyotirlingas, where every wish of those who come and offer their mind to God is fulfilled.  Devotees start flocking to the darshan of Lord Somnath from morning to empty of expectations.  There is this unwavering belief in the mind of every devotee who comes here that now all their feelings will come to an end.  If someone comes to atone for their sins, someone worships Lord Shiva as Somnath by taking a long vow of his sweetheart, then someone brings his nine in the court of God with the hope that God will give him long and  May the blessings of a healthy life be obtained.  Thousands of devotees reach here every day beyond the borders of the world.

 In the temple, first of all the devotees meet the Nandi, the beloved vehicle of God, who, upon seeing it, feels as if Nandi is leading every devotee of God.  After reaching inside the temple, it is felt to be in a different world, whichever side it appears, there is some form of the miracle of God.  No devotee wants to miss the opportunity to witness the makeup of God's wonderful form.

 On the forehead, the most panchamrit bath of Mahadev, the God of the Gods holding the Moon, is given a bath.  After bathing, Bari comes to his gorgeous and supernatural makeup.  The Shivling is marked with sandalwood and then the bell-leaf is offered.  Devotees immersed in Shiva devotion are left to see this supernatural form of their adoration.  They begin to realize that this life has been blessed.  After worshiping Lord Somnath, the temple priests worship every form of God, which is a privilege to see in itself.  Finally the aarti of that ocean is descended which first rises in the morning and anoints the feet of the Lord with its waves, but the devotees do not forget to recommend their vows to the Lord Nandi, the vehicle of the Lord, as the devotees believe  It is said that Nandi ji delivers all his requests to his worship.

 The design of Somnath temple and the craftsmanship done on the walls of the temple is a classic example of Shiva devotion.  The history of Somnath temple tells that from time to time many attacks on the temple were sabotaged.  There were a total of 17 attacks on the temple and each time the temple was renovated, but there is no effect of any period on the temple.  It is said that this Shivalinga was present even at the time of creation of the universe, its importance has also been mentioned in the Rigveda.  According to religious texts, to get rid of the curse, Moon worshiped Lord Shiva here, hence the name of this temple was named Somnath only after the name of Moon.

 According to Shiva Purana, in ancient times, King Daksha had 27 girls, who were married to Moon by King Daksha, but Moon gave only one of the 27 daughters to Rohini as wife.  Daksha tried to convince the son-in-law a lot, but when he did not listen to Daksha, he cursed Moon for being a tuberculosis and Chandradev's radiance started to fade.  Troubled, the moon reached Brahmadev.  Hearing the problem of the moon i.e. Som, Brahma told him that only Mahadev can get salvation from leprosy, but for this, he will have to worship Lord Shiva by bathing in Agarb Sagar situated at the mouth of Saraswati.

 To be healthy, the Moon performed austerities, which made Mahadev happy and freed him from the curse.  Shivdev Chandradev built the golden temple of Shiva here and the Jyotirlinga installed in it was named Lord of the Moon i.e. Somnath.  The moon had regained its radiance at this place, so this area came to be called Prabhas Patan.  This shrine is also famous for shraddha karmas of ancestors.  Shraddha is considered to have special significance in Chaitra, Bhadra and Kartik month.  There is a large crowd of devotees here in these three months.  Apart from this, there is a Mahasangam of three rivers Deer, Kapila and Saraswati.  This Triveni bath has special significance.


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