A glimpse of famele psychology

The question arises that why do women like to do makeup?  When looked into the bottom of it, the answer was received to become the character of male attraction. It has been a history since time that his original belief was that he would be accepted by men.
 She sings the song in Purush Vihara, her love.  He also covers and fades for him. Why does the circle around him end in the man itself?  Is she more sexier than a man?  Has the sensation of male attraction made her psychology so entangled?

 Perhaps the man also knows this weakness of the woman and has been using it for his selfishness.  Again and again she is tricked by this clever man.  But still she does not get out of her fascination trap.  Male women cheat in many forms.  Sometimes become a father, sometimes a brother, sometimes a husband, sometimes a son. A man is the smartest part of this position and a woman is the most foolish.  She did not learn to live for herself till today.  If she lives, under father's command, she lives in brotherly affection, she lives in husband's slavery.  In this way she loots herself.  And the man loots everything like a robber and hoots.  He goes on doing his own arbitrariness.  It has become a game of his left hand to identify women, he takes his soul to death.  Stupid women do everything in their desire for proximity.  In this race of education too, the work of a man is decreasing the habit of his body to fall prey to the arrow. And the work is making itself the eyes of the thirsty eye.  These women are the owners of a very strange character. That is why their psychology is so complicated.  In fact, most women live in frustration.  He has always aimed to be an attractive point for a man, whether it is the threshold of a house surrounded by a wall or a staring eye on the street.  Whether wearing white clothes or colorful colorful Vasana purpose is the same.
 In such a situation, as much as there is competition among themselves, their complication is also meaningless.  Bliss is common to each other.  She could not bear the woman above her.  In order to show him down in front of the man, many types of questions are being created.  That is why fights between mother-in-law, sister-in-law, sisters-in-law are common.
 From where do women create this strange mood?  If this is considered, then Ella seems to know that she gets this knowledge from birth mother from her mother's lap, family, service and community.  Because he is not given the education and knowledge to join the root.  He got his first education to become Amarvel.

Women are more sensitive

This conclusion has reached a team of psychologists who, through a special survey, have devoted themselves to studying the character traits of men and women.

 Research results, made by scientists at the University of Turin and the University of Manchester, show that one of the main differences between men and women is sensitivity.

 They are more emotional or emotional, and are also warm, cordial and apprehensive.  There are also those who think that men are also really sensitive, only that they do not express themselves that much.

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