Know how to bring positivity in the house-
Ashoka tree has been considered a symbol of positive energy in Vastushastra.  By applying Ashoka tree outside the house, negative energy does not enter the house and there is always positive energy in the house.  In which direction Ashoka tree should be planted in the house, it has been told in Vastushastra.  According to Vastushastra, Ashoka tree should be planted in the house in the north direction.  Through which positive energy is transmitted in the home.  Happiness, peace and prosperity are maintained by having Ashoka tree in the house and there is no premature death.

How to increase positive energy: -
 * Due to non-regular cleaning of the house, dust and soil accumulates on the walls and furnishings, due to which negative energy enters the house.
 * Nowadays there is a trend of giving idols of Gods and Goddesses on the occasion of Deepawali, wedding, birthday etc.  It is wrong to give idols of God as a gift and to decorate the house as a showpiece.
 Regular cleaning of old children's toys is also very important.  These broken and dusted toys contain harmful bacteria, which are called negative elements in Vastu language.
 * Do not collect waste, broken or rusty items in the house.  In particular, it is not considered good to have clocks and broken idols in the house according to Vastu.
 * Open house in Vastu language is considered a symbol of open views of a person.  Therefore, the more airy and open your house, the more positive energy will enter your house.
 * Empty and scattered utensils indicate the emptiness of the house.  We use many types of clay, terracotta pots, pots etc. for decoration.  It is fine to decorate them at home, but the utensils rolled and emptied here and there are not considered good in Vastu.
 * Keeping unnecessary furniture and large shapes in the houses hinders the communication of positive energy.  So keep only useful items in the house.

1-A Ganesh idol or photo or sticker etc. can be placed at the entrance.  If you want, you can write high on the door.  By making these auspicious signs at the entrance of the house, you get the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses.

 2-Put a beautiful picture of flowers in front of the entrance.  A picture of sunflower flowers is considered sacred and auspicious for planting in front of the door.

3-Keep figs and swastikas at home.  Keeping it at home changes your outlook towards life and gives you a lot of mental peace.  In this way, even negative energy does not stay in the house and the person progresses.

 4. Keep in mind that never put medicines in the kitchen.  Always keep healthy and fresh food in the kitchen.  Actually medicines are a symbol of illness and fresh fruits are a symbol of happiness and health.  Therefore it is a necessary Vastu remedy to exclude negative energy in the house.  This will bring positive energy in the home.  In this way you will be able to move forward in your business and professional life.

5-It is said that salt kept in the house absorbs negative energy.  It is said that keeping salt in the corner of the house brings positive energy.  This brings wealth and happiness in the family.

 6. Do not forget the red and pink colored dustbin at home.  Also avoid keeping old newspapers.  According to research conducted in Vastu, negative thoughts come to the mind of family members.  By doing this, you can remove the negative energy in the house and bring positive energy.

7-Salt has the power to eliminate negative energy and microorganisms.  Therefore, use sea salt while mopping the house.  If there is no sea salt, you can also use normal salt.  Putting a little salt in the water while applying the mop will eliminate all the germs on the floor.  This removes the negative energy of the house.  Special usefulness of salt wipes has been stated in Vastu.

8-Azadirachta indica
 Along with curing diseases, neem leaves also remove the negativity of the house.  If you cannot eat neem leaves, then burn it and smoke it in the house.  By doing this, the bacteria present in the house will be destroyed.  Explain that by doing this, the architectural defect of the house is also removed.

 If children or elders in the house are getting sick again and again or always have cough and cold, keep camphor in one corner of the house.  You should show the smoke in the house by lighting camphor and cloves after doing or doing aarti during the puja.  Any negativity in the home environment will disappear.

10 -Keep the house clean
 In a dirty house there is a dwell of negativity.  In such a situation, try to keep your house clean and orderly.  Do not throw things here and there.  Keep in place  Do not sleep on dirty bed.  It is also said in Vastu that cleanliness of the house is necessary to bring positive energy in the house.

11-Let the sunlight come in the house
 Some people always keep the windows closed.  Be it winter or summer, do not prevent sun rays from entering the house.  Especially morning sunlight is very beneficial.  Avoid sun rays in the afternoon, because it contains ultraviolet rays, which are harmful.  The morning rays of the sun bring energy and energy to the body.

12-Negativity shows its effect in places where there is no sanitation.  No one can settle in such a place.

 * Negative energy establishes an empire in the family in which people remain ill or are struggling with health related problems.

 * Due to lack of complete lighting and water in the house, the house-business is badly affected.

 * Most people like to apply perfume, dio or aroma on their body in some form before going to sleep in the night.  According to the Puranas, to do so is to summon negative forces.  Nighttime negativity is particularly attracted to the sung body.

According to the scriptures, Vastu and Feng Shui, every direction has its own importance.  Accordingly, negative or positive powers reside at that place.  In Vaastu, Sun is considered as the source of energy in Brahman.  This is the reason that the east direction remains the center of energy, in the west the sun sets where its energy is lost and on this direction Shani Dev resides.  In the scriptures, the origin of divine energy is said to be northeast.  It is also called Ishan angle.  All divine powers operate from this direction.  The same place is also dedicated to God. In contrast to this, there is a period of demons and vampires on the south west direction, ie South West direction.

 -Burn fragrant incense: Burning incense is an effective way to avoid negative energy and misfortune.

- Use a strong scent like sandalwood or jasmine, and if you are lighting more than one light, make sure you light an odd number of lights instead of even numbers.

- If you are experiencing bad luck in your personal life, then burn fragrant incense at home.  Take a burning light and roam all the rooms so that every corner of the house is filled with fragrant smoke.

 -If you are experiencing bad luck at the workplace, then burn incense in the office.

To maintain happiness and prosperity at home, it is considered very auspicious to keep Sindhuri colored Ganesha.  Having such an idol of Ganapati on the main door of the house fulfills all desires.

 If there is a photo of Ganesha at the main entrance of the house, then on the other side of the door, place the idol of Ganesha in such a way that both the idols have their backs.

 - Ganesh ji idol or photo should be in sitting position in the house.  This brings happiness and prosperity in the home.

 - Auspicious signs like Swastika, Oun, Sriganesh should be placed on the main door.

 - There should be no garbage and dirt at the main door of the house.  Positive energy always enters the clean place.

 - Tulsi plant must be kept on the main door.  Tulsi plant is considered very auspicious.

 - By applying wind chime at the main door, there is always a penetration of positive energy at home.

 - The main door of the house has the archway of mango leaves, positive energy comes.
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