In astrology, happiness is mainly seen from the moon.  Apart from this, Venus also has a role for happiness.  Different planets of happiness are seen from every planet and every emotion in the horoscope.  In palmistry, the state of happiness is seen with the color of the palms.  Apart from this, your forehead also tells about happiness.
Health pleasure

 - For this, the moon and the lord of the horoscope are responsible.

 - When the moon is strong, a person's health is good

 - If the moon is weak but Jupiter is good, you will get health happiness

 - When Rahu worsens, most health problems occur.

 - In spite of having good health, the person is a victim of anxiety.

 - Saturn hinders you from getting health pleasure for a long time.

 Ways to get good health
Happiness of job and employment

 - The happiness of job employment is either met by Saturn or by Jupiter

 - If either one is strong then there can be no problem of employment

 - If both are weak then they have to stumble for employment
Happiness of marriage and married life

 Jupiter is responsible for the marriage happiness of women.

 - Moon and Venus are responsible for the marital happiness of men.

 Overall, marital happiness is controlled by Venus.

 - The biggest obstacle in marital happiness comes from the deterioration of Venus and Mars.

 In addition, if Jupiter is disturbed, then marriage does not happen.


 - Add turmeric to the sun every morning and offer water

 - Read Vishnu Sahasranama every Thursday

 - Wear banana root in yellow thread around the neck

 - Make turmeric swastika at the main entrance of the house on Thursday

 As far as possible, make rice pudding at home on Friday.