One day a professor in the college The professor began to say madanah

1-One day a professor in the college entered the class and told all his students that today they are going to take a surprise test of him.  All the students suddenly got nervous after hearing the test.  The professor handed over the question papers to all the students.  And then asked to start the exam.  Seeing the question paper, every student had a surprise on his face because there was not a single question in the question paper, there was only one black dot in the center of the page. The professor looked at everyone with surprise and confusion and told them - "I want  I write in your answer about what you are able to see in the question paper. ”All the students, confused, started an extraordinary task.  At the end of time, the professor took the answer sheets of all the students and started reading them aloud to all the students one by one.  All the students had mentioned the black dot given in the question paper in their responses.

ns are focused on the dark spots.  These dark spots are very small black dots of a large white paper which gives us sorrow, greed, anger and envy.  Many times in life, we forget the good moments spent with ou

 After everyone read the answers, the class was quiet.  The professor began to say, "I am not going to give you any grade or number in the exam, I want to give you something to think through it.  None of you wrote about the white part of the question paper, everyone has focused their attention on that black dot.  Do you know why you have done this?  Because often the same happens in our lives.  We all have many white papers in our lives that give us pleasure, but we humans are focused on the dark spots.  These dark spots are very small black dots of a large white paper which gives us sorrow, greed, anger and envy.  Many times in life, we forget the good moments spent with our friends or family members, which is a symbol of white paper and small minds get caught up in the mutations, which breaks the relationships built over the years.  It is similar to small black dots on white paper.

2-Once upon a time, in a forest, the deer, who was pregnant and was looking for a suitable place to give birth to her child, then while walking the deer, she saw a bush of tall and thick grass on the banks of the river, seeing the deer give birth to the child.  Found a suitable place for

 Then as soon as she reached the middle of the bushes, she began to suffer childbirth, and in the meantime, the clouds had also come down completely for raining in the sky and lightning had started.

 Seeing which the deer started to panic and then looked to the right, a hunter was already looking for prey with an arrow on his arrow and if he wanted to turn the deer to the left, then he saw a lion already ambushed, thus further in the forest  I had caught fire among the grasses and behind the reindeer, there was a lot of river water

 In such a situation, the female deer was surrounded by death from all sides, what would the poor female deer do in such a situation where she was distraught with the pain of labor and on the other side she was surrounded by death.

 Now in such a situation, it was difficult for the female deer to escape, in front of the fierce fire, then the water flowing in the river, which was enough to drown her, in such a situation, whether the female deer will be killed by the lion or by the hunter, she will become her prey.  In such a situation, the female deer gave up her destiny and started thinking that whatever happens will be done by the will of God, then after all these things, regardless of her escape  It took Che to give birth, then see the charisma of nature. As soon as the hunter tried to shoot the arrow at the reindeer, his eyes were dazzled by the glow of lightning, due to which his arrow turned towards the lion without aiming at it, and thus the arrow  The lion got into the eyes, due to which the lion roared and started running here and there.

 Seeing the injured lion, the hunter also escaped from there and in the meantime, it started to rain from Zoro due to which the fire in the grass was also extinguished and then the deer gave birth to her baby and thus all the problems faced by the deer  Finished with

2- Spoken words do not return

 Once a farmer called his neighbor very bad, but when he later realized his mistake, he went to a saint. He asked the saint how to take back his words.

 The saint told the farmer, "You collect a lot of feathers, and keep them in the middle of the city." The farmer did the same and then reached the saint.

 Then the saint said, "Now go and collect those wings and bring them back"

 The farmer went back, but by then all the wings had flown in from the air.  And the farmer reached the saint empty-handed.  Then the saint told him that the same thing happens with the words you say, you can easily remove them from your mouth but you cannot take them back even if you want to.

3-Very knowledgeable sadhu Maharaj had come to a city, many humbled, sad and troubled people started coming to him to get his kindness.  One such sad, poor man came to him and said to Sadhu Maharaj, 'I am very poor in Maharaj, I have a debt too, I am very upset.  Do me some favors'.

 Sadhu Maharaj gave him a bright blue stone, and said that this is a precious stone, go get it as much as you can.  The man left and went to a fruit seller he knew and wanted to know the value of the stone by showing it.

 The fruit seller said, 'I think it is a blue glass, the Mahatma has given it to you, yes it looks beautiful and bright, you give it to me, I will give you 1000 rupees.

 Frustrated, the man went to another acquaintance who was a pottery merchant.  He also showed the merchant to that stone and wanted to know its value to avoid it.  The merchant of utensils said, 'This stone is a special gem, I will give you 10,000 rupees for it.  The man started thinking that its price would be even higher and he started thinking from there.

 The man now showed this stone to a goldsmith, the goldsmith looked at that stone carefully and said that it is very valuable, I will give you Rs. 1,00,000.

 The man now understood that it was very priceless, he thought why not show it to the diamond merchant, thinking that he went to the biggest diamond merchant in the city. When that diamond merchant saw that stone, he kept looking  Gaya, watchful expressions started appearing on his face.  He applied that stone from the forehead and asked, where did you bring it from.  This is priceless.  Even if I sell my entire property, I cannot pay its price.

4-A group of frogs was going through the path of the forest.  Suddenly two frogs fell into a deep pit.  When the other frogs saw that the pit is too deep, all the frogs standing above shouted, "You two cannot get out of this pit, the pit is very deep, you both give up hope to get out of it."

 Those two frogs probably did not listen to the frogs standing above and they continued to jump to get out of the pit.  The frogs standing outside kept saying 'You two are working in vain, you should give up, both of you should give up.  You can't leave

 One of the two frogs that fell into the pit, the frog overheard the frogs standing upstairs, and, leaving the jump, he sat down in a corner disappointed.  The second frog kept trying, he kept jumping as much as he could.

 All the frogs standing outside were constantly saying that you should give up, but that frog might not be able to listen to them and kept jumping and after a lot of efforts he came out.  The other frogs said, "Did you not listen to us?"

 The frog pointed out that he could not listen to them because he was deaf and could not hear, so he could not listen to anyone.  He was thinking that everyone is encouraging him.

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