Kailas Mansarovar by madanah

Kailas Mansarovar by madanah
Which is one of the saltwater lakes of the world and has the same shape as Chandra.Manasarovar Lake and Rakshasa Ji display both these things and and Chandrapal which are related to positive and negative energy when looking at them from the south. A swastika symbol can actually be seen that it is believed that Maharaj Mandhata discovered Manasarovar and did penance along the banks for many years. Is located in the passenger foot is able to treat the Laity
Kailas Mansarovar by madanah
Kailas Mansarovar by madanah

 Miracles of Kailas Mansarovar
1 In this supernatural place, light waves and sound waves are used, which produce the sound of जो, which the scientist has also accepted.

2 Visiting this supernatural place and bathing on the Mansarovar river, all sins are destroyed and the Shivlok is attained.

3 Shiva Shambhu's abode on Mount Kailash is heaven on top of Mount Kailas and below is death world.

4 Kailas Mansarovar Four rivers originated in all directions, Sutlej Karnali. Brahmaputra, and Sindhu,


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