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Love Novels- One day, his wife, who had very long hair, asked her husband to buy a comb for her so that she could take good care of her hair.

true love Story

The husband apologized to his wife and refused to take the comb. He explained that he still does not have the money to put his broken watch strap. But still his wife remained adamant.

Angry, her husband got fired for going to work and on his way, suddenly saw his eyes on a watch store, he thought that he would sell his watch at that shop and take a comb for his wife.

In the evening he came to his house with a comb in his hand, started combing his wife.

But suddenly he got nervous on seeing his wife, because he saw his wife in short-hair (short hair).

She sold her hair and bought a new lease for her husband's watch.

Seeing a deep love for each other, suddenly, Asu started coming out of the eyes of both of them, not because of their desire to fulfill, but seeing their love for each other.

Lesson: -

To be loved is nothing, to be loving is a little good, but to be loved and to be able to do together, it is everything. Never accept love as a grant given to someone.

Rather, whosoever we love, we should always love it unconditionally, without any greed, without any hostility. Because when we love someone from the heart, then we settle in the heart of the front forever. That when there is love between two people, then they are not hungry for any wealth, if they are hungry then only of affection. Whichever we love, we should always treat them with love. Time should be left for each other. Only then will we be able to progress our relationship with success.

Your one word spoken with love can also end the biggest estrangement between two hearts. Living in love sometimes proves beneficial for us as well. Cue that many times, those who cannot do thousands of rupees, our two words spoken with love are useful.

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