These mistakes can make men impotent

Impotence is a problem in the midst of an ever-changing lifestyle whose cases are steadily increasing. Actually, this increase is also due to not getting treatment at the right time.

Due to hesitation and hesitation, not only women, neither men can speak about this problem, nor do they go to the right doctor to get it treated.

What is edupermia

'Edupermia' is a condition of impotence in which the proper amount of semen is not produced in the male's body. Science has now progressed so much that this problem can be remedied.

Due to edupermia

It has been proved in many researches that this problem in men has increased from 12 to 20 percent. There are several reasons behind the problem of loss of semen-

- Folicular stumulating hormone deficiency

- genetic causes

- Sometimes chemotherapy or radiotherapy is also a reason

- Wrong lifestyle, eating disturbances, stress

According to the information found, the help of many methods such as Seaman's test, Blood test, Transertral ultrasound, TSH and LH test are taken to identify this problem. According to the problem in these tests, it can be easily treated.

Is treatment even possible

According to the homeopathic doctor, just as nutritional deficiency can be overcome by supplementation, similarly treatment has also been present in homeopathic medicine.

Although effective treatment is also present in allopathy, but there are many cases in which side effects also occur during treatment.  



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